Weird cravings

8 Oct

No.. not pregnant! Gosh no. Ugh. I just get weird cravings. Pretty much all the time for as long as I can remember.

Recently I’ve been craving pineapples & banana peppers. Odd, I know. However really good together. Then it struck me — I should put that on a pizza! I ordered  a banana pepper, pineapple, canadian bacon pizza from papa john’s, but they forgot the freakin’ banana peppers. Lame. It was still good, though.

Then this past week, I picked up flat breads along with pineapple & pepperoni. Already had banana peppers. ;) Made a pizza. Delicious. Would’ve been better with canadian bacon, so will keep that in mind for next week.



Do you get any weird cravings? Or like an odd combination?

Self attempted hair

7 Oct



I decided to save myself a good chunk of change and tackle my hair myself. I did the top two different colors split down the middle. It reminds me of a Nerds box. The bottom half I left blue and green since they were quite vibrant, despite the amount of washing.

Its not salon perfect, but its acceptable. It probably would’ve been easier if I just did it one color… but that’s boring, yo! The most important thing – my hair did not fall out.

I think as I practice, it will get easier. But isn’t that how most things go?

Crafty Bastards

6 Oct

Last Sunday, James and I went to Crafty Bastards in DC. I’ve been wanting to go to this craft show for a few years now, but always forget when it is. I happened to stumble upon it on the interwebs this year and saw when it was and made a mental note. Its a two day event, Saturday & Sunday. I wanted to go on Saturday since a few of the vendors I wanted to see were only there for that day, but we had Dogfest to attend. Oh well. Sunday was good, too.

James and I woke up early, drove down to College Park, & took the metro into the city. There were close to 180 vendors set up! It was like Etsy in real life. It was also very crowded, despite how early we arrived. Worth it.

I browsed all three tents before deciding on purchases, but I eventually settled on a few things.

I got a locket, a couple of cute postcards, and a funny patch.

There were lots of food trucks set up in the area, but I wanted Shake Shack. So to the shack we headed!


I got my favorite Shroom burger, which is a mushroom stuffed with molten cheese, and the most awesome milkshake ever. Om nom nom.


5 Oct

Had a pretty active weekend the other week. Quite enjoyable.



Took Oscar to Dogfest. I had won two free tickets via Yelp. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise.

He seemed to enjoy himself. He seemed overwhelmed by the amount of people & dogs, but not in a negative way. I could imagine him asking, “Mom, what is this place and why haven’t we been here before?”

There were loads of vendors & rescues with booths set up at the Baltimore Humane Society. There were activities, a parade, and food trucks for the humans.


Bought Oscar a new collar with pumpkins on it and scored a free bandana for checking in with the Yelp app.

We might just go again next year.


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September Recap

2 Oct


– Got a new pair of glasses from Bonlook
– Got a cool package from Neatography.
– Finally got my Maryland scarf after lusting over it for a few months.
– Tried the best sugar cookies… ever!
– Went to Hampdenfest, Dogfest, & Crafty Bastards.
– School. Homework. Study.
– Had one of the best milkshakes at Shake Shack.
– Sunflower Fields.
– Math class has been surprisingly fun.
– Signed up on
– Keeping organized with lists.
– Strawberry Cheesecake lotion.
– All things pumpkin!

Songs I’ve listened to a lot:

The Hold Steady – I Hope This Doesn’t Frighten You
Spoon – Got Nuffin
Delta Spirit – Live On
Future Islands – Seasons
Travis – Moving

School – 1 month

29 Sep

Its been a little over a month of school.. and well.. Its going. I’m finding myself really enjoying math class out of all things. I am finding it frustrating to make time to study and/or do homework.. mainly because I’m lazy. I get frustrated because its not what I really want to be doing. I’m all for doing the math homework, but everything else is just boring as balls.

Grade wise, I am doing well in my classes so far, so that is good. Mid-terms are next week, which I am kinda dreading. Plus, I have a whole lot of other shit I need to be doing in addition to preparing for mid-terms and I find it overwhelming. When I think about it too much, I feel like my head is going to pop like a balloon.

My only problem with school is that I feel old walking around campus. I’m like 12 – 10 year older than everyone there, it seems. Also, I don’t know if Veterinary Tech is going to be the path I really want to take. Its so hard to picture myself doing anything proper.


24 Sep


So, I had heard about this neighborhood street festival, Hampdenfest, that was going to take place this past Saturday. I wasn’t going to go, but then at the last minute I saw that Future Islands was going to be playing a free show, so I changed my mind about going. It was an internal debate with myself about going. I didn’t want to go alone, but I would regret going. I had James drop me off within walking distance of the street fest, which was a pretty good way to get me to go because otherwise I would’ve just stayed home.

I walked around the fest and saw quite a few vendors that I wanted to buy things from, but I refrained. I used the little ladies room AKA a porta potty, grabbed a beer, and camped out for two hours next to a pile of dog vomit that people kept stepping in. By the end of the show, that dog vomit had been turned into smithereens, it was gross. I don’t even know why I mentioned that.

While waiting, some guy started hitting on me. He offered to buy me beer. I did not decline said offer because I wanted more beer, but did not want to leave my prime real estate. I had to deal with that guy from an hour, but I got two beers out of the deal. That sounds terrible, but this dude kept touching me in my no-no places the whole time I was trying to watch one of my favorite bands. It was quite annoying because I had to block him off and pay attention all at the same time. At the end of the show I was like, PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUT. Gah. Awkwardness.

Despite being groped against my will, I had a pretty good time and I’m glad I went.



Sunflower Field

23 Sep

This past Sunday, I headed 30 minutes north to /finally/ see the Sunflowers in bloom. I had heard about and seen photos of said field, but haven’t seen it in person. I took my DSLR, my polaroid, and had my camera phone. I was prepped, but I think next year I will take all of that plus a ladder and my macro lens. Also, I think I will go at a different time instead of in the middle of the afternoon when the sun is just too bright to handle.



18 Sep

Don’t really know what to say here anymore. Or why I keep posting here in the first place.

Dress Obsessed

12 Sep

As I mentioned before, I got two new dresses from Modcloth during their 70% off sale. This was my first Modcloth purchase ever and I am quite excited about it and wish they would have more sales like that more often. Both dresses are way too big, but since they were on sale, I couldn’t return them. I am making do for now, and if they get too big (one can only hope), I will have them altered since they are quality dresses.


219 - Baby's first Modcloth



I really need to find some decent shoes to wear with dresses. I am terrible at shoes. Suggestions? I don’t know if I can do heels without dying, but I think they would look better.