June Recap

3 Jul

Its hard to believe that its July already. Its my birthday month! Woot! I will be 29 again this year. 😉

Here’s what happened in June:


– Started my food blog: Over the Range
– Went to a show at the Metro Gallery: Ringo Deathstarr


– Went to a Yelp event at the casino.
– Had a dirty red velvet latte and strawberry bubble tea at Teavolve that knocked my socks off.
– Dyed my hair blue.
– Visited Cleveland for the first time.
– Met my long time internet friend for the first time.
– Ate a really bangin’ omelette in Akron.


– Went to a show at the Grog Shop to see Craig Finn.
– Drove down to Asheville for Star’s bachelorette party.
– Ate some awesome pizza at Pepperoni’s.
– Visited friend & family in SC for several days.


– Acquired a denim vest and can’t stop wearing it.
– Had some of my favorite beer at NODA.
– Finally got my Krispy Kreme doughnut that I’ve been craving for weeks.

Lots of time spent on the road, which is my favorite. :)

Cleveland: Rockefeller Greenhouse

26 Jun

I heard about this place from Kaylah over at the Dainty Squid. I was kinda skeptical about this place and honestly only really went because it was free. Free is good, right? Well, I’m very glad that I decided to go because it was a neat place. So many cool plants.

I was stupid and forgot my actual camera. So, I only got iphone photos, which will have to do.




There were some surrounding gardens on the outside of the place, which I also enjoyed. Not really sure if they are related to the greenhouse or what, but I liked it either way. Nice little secluded areas with benches and there was a cute gazebo. Would be a cute place to go on a date.






25 Jun

Last week I went to Cleveland for a couple of days to hang out. I enjoyed my visit in a new city and would love to go back and do more cool things. Cleveland reminded me of Baltimore in a lot of ways, but at the same time it was different.

The Great Lakes always amaze me on how large they really are. Its almost like looking at the ocean.

While in Cleveland..

168 - Great Lakes Brewing

I ate at Great Lakes Brewing.


Visited Lake Eerie. The weather was chilly and gloomy, but perfect for me.


Visited the Rockefeller Greenhouse.

Visited the Cleveland Museum of Art. There were lots of really old arts in here. The room with the statue heads really creeped me out, though. I really enjoyed the photography gallery. They had an exhibit by Rebecca Norris Web called, ‘My Dakota‘. I found her work to be inspiring.

Ate some Macarons & some mediocre ice cream. The green macaron was hop & honey, which was absolutely delicious. The pink is, of course, Strawberry.

Hung out at a cool coffee shop and had some of the best coffee I’ve ever had and a delicious green tea lemonade. I also sat there and drew a rat sitting on a throne made out of cheese.

Went to a show (Craig Finn) at the Grog Shop and met one of my long time internet friend and her boyfriend for the first time. Crashed at their place in Akron after getting drinks post-show. They have the cutest apartment and most adorable cat. We went out for a late breakfast the next day and I had a bangin’ omelette.

Got a parking ticket while I was in Cleveland Heights. I knew I was going to come back out to my car and have one, too. All the meters there were apparently quarters only. I didn’t have that many quarters! I had a bunch of nickels and dimes. I tried to get some change from the coffee shop, but they only gave me 4 quarters. Oh well. Worth it.

The drive back to Baltimore was awful. It took way longer than it should have because of heavy, blinding rain. I didn’t think I was going to make it home alive, but obviously I did. At one point, I stopped at a travel plaza on the toll road in Pennsylvania to wait out to the storm and take a breather. The rain never really let up. Once it got dark, I could see the lightning off in the distance. It was really pretty, but I wanted more than ever to just be at home.

I slept so hard that night.

Week 24 in Photos

21 Jun

162 - Slice of Orange

162 – Slice of Orange

163 - Taste of Summer

163 – Taste of Summer

164 - Imagine

164 – Imagine

165 - Gas Station View

165 – Gas Station View

166 - Alley Sunsets

166 – Alley Sunsets

167 - Alley Flowers

167 – Alley Flowers

168 - Great Lakes Brewing

168 – Great Lakes Brewing

Week 23 in Photos

18 Jun

155 - Free Tote

155 – Free Tote

156 - Pinner

156 – Pinner

157 - Hot Peppers

157 – Hot Peppers

158 - PreShow Beers

158 – PreShow Beers

159 - The Start

159 – The Start

160 - Hiding

160 – Hiding

161 - Papi's Tacos

161 – Papi’s Tacos


17 Jun

I feel like I can’t be myself on the internet, even on my own blog, in my friends only LiveJournal, and other social media accounts. I feel like I always have to censor myself. I hate this. Why do I feel this way? Why can’t I be honest with myself /and/ the internet? I want to be real. I try so hard to pretend everything is ok when its not. I try not to curse like a sailor. I try not to overshare. I post way too many vague sad tweets.

I want to blog, but I don’t know what to blog about. I did start my food blog, so that will probably help some, but I have so many other interests that I feel like I would be all over the place if I did blog on a regular basis. My life isn’t that exciting, so sometimes when I do come up with things to blog about its a stretch. I am boring, have zero friends, and rarely leave the house other than to locate food. I am a very depressed and anxious person on top of all of that. It doesn’t help things. I get overwhelmed. I fail at goals I set for myself. I am a mess. I lack motivation.

I am not some happy-go-lucky person, but I wish I was. I know some people say that “Happiness is a Choice”, but I disagree with that statement, at least for myself. As someone who struggles with mental illness, happiness doesn’t come easy for me. I want to be happy and I try my best to achieve such thing, but it rarely happens for me and its not because I don’t choose the path to happiness. Its because my brain doesn’t allow such thing most days. I feel like a fish swimming upstream against the current.

Summer isn’t helping. Going to school helped a lot even though it was a mental challenge to actually get up and go every day. I’m ready for school to be here now so I can occupy my brain with something.

I am proud of myself for keeping up with posting my weekly photos, though. I may not be doing it on time every week, but I do get it posted. That’s the most regular blogging I’ve done in years. So, that’s one good thing.

Maybe the food blog will help me fall into some sort of groove when it comes to blogging. That’s what I’m hoping for, at least. I’m going to try my best and that’s all I can really do.

I’m not writing any of this for sympathy of any sorts because that’s really the last thing I would want. Also, I don’t need to be lectured or told that I need to go to a therapist — I’ve done that route before and was not successful. I just really feel the need to get this out and be honest. Be real with myself.

New project

15 Jun

I’m taking on a new blog project this summer. I may have mentioned it before, but didn’t really give out any of the deets. Today, I launched my food blog. It took a lot of courage to put myself out there, but I really would like for it to be successful. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage it once school starts, but I will find a way if I have to.

Over the Range. I will be sharing recipes and food photography. In theory it sounds kind of dull because really does the internet need another food blog? No, but I’m going to do it anyway. I have just got to stay motivated and dedicated. So, if you’re interested in learning some new recipes to spice up your life, then go check it out.


Drawing Challenge 11 – 15

15 Jun

11 – A Diagram

12 – Something You’re Afraid Of

13 – A Plant

14 – Your Favorite Food


15 – Something Microscopic

I finished the challenge sometime last week. Did I stay on track? No. I ended up missing a few days here and there because things came up and/or I was busy doing other stuff. I did find it helpful and inspiring, so that’s good, at least.

Drawing Challenge 6 – 10

9 Jun

6 - A Word

6 – A Word

7 - An Insect

7 – An Insect

8 - A Cross Section

8 – A Cross Section

9 - An Animal Doing Something Human

9 – An Animal Doing Something Human


10 – Something in a Jar

Week 22 in Photos

6 Jun

148 - New Shoes!

148 – New Shoes!

149 - Drawing Monsters

149 – Drawing Monsters

150 - Phoenix Emporium

150 – Phoenix Emporium

151 - Frog Strangler

151 – Frog Strangler

152 - Duvel

152 – Duvel

153 - Can't Pee in Peace

153 – Can’t Pee in Peace

154 - Doughnut Face

154 – Doughnut Face