23 Jan

Yesterday was my half birthday. I’m halfway through being 30. The day in general was quite excellent. I finished my mini-mester math class and aced the final exam (87/90 points), then had a nice celebratory dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. I felt a mixture of pride and relief.

On my 30th birthday, I made a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before my 31st birthday.. Well. I’ve made some progress, but I’m going to need to pick up the pace if I want to cross everything off in the six months. I’m gonna try my best.

Happy Friday, everyone!

The Last 7 Days in Photos (Week 3)

22 Jan

15 - Parsley

15 – Parsley

16 - Washi Overload

16 – Washi Overload

17 - Stamp Creation

17 – Stamp Creation

18 - Do you want to eat a snowman?

18 – Do you want to eat a snowman?

19 - Target run

19 – Target Run

20 - Stir Fry

20 – Stir Fry

21 - My favorite

21 – My Favorite

20 Jan

I think I’m going to start sharing recipes here along with other random daily life. Yes/No?


The past 7 Days in Photos (Week 2)

15 Jan

8 - Baby's first mail social

8 – First time at the Mail Social Club

9 - DIY Hair

9 – Bleaching ‘dem roots.

10 - Hon

10 – Hon.

11 - My View

11 – My View.

12 - Assets

12 – Candid shot of James before he went to go get me rainbow cookies from 7-11.

13 - Two Boots

13 – Elite Yelp event at Two Boots.

14 - Stinky

14 – So cute, but oh-so-stinky.

Mail Social (DC)

9 Jan

Yesterday, I went to the National Postal Museum for the Mail Social Club, which is a monthly event that I’ve been meaning to attend sine last year sometime when I initially found out about it. However, something has always gotten in the way of me attending, but I was super determined to make it to the January meet. I made it, everybody, I made it. I am so glad I went.

But my first priority before heading into the Postal Museum was to stop at Shake Shack for my favorite Mushroom burger and a shake (Oatmeal Cream Pie, yes plz).


I like this cute little bag they put my burger in.. Of course I saved it and plan on re-using it somehow.


This month was focused on making rubber stamps. I attempted to make a snowman, but.. it didn’t quite come out that way. But that’s alright. I had a lot of fun making it, regardless.


That is how my stamped turned out. It reminds me of a butternut squash. The ladies at the social club were giving me so many idea on what else it could potentially be – a butternut squash, a guitar, a guppy.. and some others that I have since forgotten. I made such a versatile stamp and didn’t even know it.

This weekend, I think I will pick up my own stamp making supplies and try my hand at making some other designs. :)

The Last 7 Days in Photos

7 Jan

1 - New Year, New Goats

1 – New Year, New Goats

2 - It Sparkles.

2 – It Sparkles.

3 - New Desk Rearrangement

3 – My New Desk Rearrangement

4 - Stay Cozy

4 – Stay Cozy

5 - Loose Stars

5 – Loose Stars

6 - First Snow

6 – First Snow

7 - Frosted

7 – Frosted

As I’ve mentioned before, my 365 project of 2014 got derailed when my phone died, so I’ve been eager to restart this project. I’m going to try and make more of an effort to use my real camera more instead of defaulting to my iPhone for everything.


5 Jan

This bitterly cold day I woke up at 7:30am, got dressed, and went to class. I’ve been having an internal debate with myself over going back to school. Do I really want to? No. But am I going to go? Yea. I only have a math class, four days a week for the next 3 weeks (11 classes total). So its not too bad, I suppose. Then I get a week and some change off and then I start the Spring Semester, which I am, of course, still on the fence about.

I don’t have it figured out. Not one bit. I am trying to be Ok with that.


2014 in Review

30 Dec

2014 was honestly one of the worst years of my life. I am glad its over. I’m hoping 2015 will be better, but I’m not holding my breath.



11 - Asheville

– Left Oregon. Drove cross-country to South Carolina. Stayed there a week, visited Asheville while I was there, and then came home to Baltimore.

–  Got sick and wanted nothing but strawberry milk.

– Visited the AVAM & Federal Hill.




– Played a lot of Takenoko.

– Lots of snow.

– Half priced strawberry gummy bears.

– Lava lamp.

– Got my hair did.



photo 3.JPG

– Took a tour of the Bromo Seltzer Tower.

– Went to NYC.

– Saturday afternoons spent at the Owl Bar.

– Took a tour of Union Brewery.



104 - Roses on a rainy day.

– Went to the Japanese Street Festival in DC.

– Got just because roses.



photo 3.JPG

– Went to South Carolina & Myrtle Beach.

– Discovered a live bat in my parents’ toilet.

– Got my hair done. Wildberry Poptart.

– Went to Brew at the Zoo.

– Learned how to give Oscar a haircut at home.



179 - Baby's First Farmers Market

– Took Oscar to the park a lot.

– Got a mini grill.

–  Applied to CCBC & Financial Aid assistance.

– Went to the Farmers’ Market for the first time.



202 - Happy Birthday to me

– Got a bike for my birthday.

– Turned 30.

– Had the best birthday dinner at Woodberry Kitchen.

– Baked myself a birthday cake.

– Got my hair did.  Rainbow.




– Back went out, ended up going to the ER. Worst week and a half of my life.

– My sister came to visit.

– Drove my sister home to SC.

– Went to my first Orioles game.

– Went to my first Yelp Elite event.

– Started school.




– Got a new pair of glasses from Bonlook.

– Went to the Sunflower fields.

– Went to Dogfest courtesty of Yelp.

– Saw Future Islands for free at Hampdenfest while being groped up by a stranger.

– Went to Crafty Bastards in DC.

– Discovered Otterbein cookies.




–  Obsessed with the combo of pineapple, Canadian bacon, & banana peppers.

– My iPhone died and I stopped taking daily photos as a result.

– Went to a book club meeting.

– Went to a Yelp event on a pirate ship for Halloween.

– Got my hair did.




– Hung out with Mary and made some guerilla art.

– Made Thanksgiving dinner for James & I.

– Played a lot of Wow.

– Skipped a lot of school.

– Got my new iPhone 6 after being phone-less for 3 weeks.

– Put up my Christmas tree and decorations a week before Thanksgiving!




– Went to DC to try on a pair of boots. Got some of the best macarons I’ve ever had!

– Finals. Ended up with 3 A’s & 1 C.

– Spent 12 days in South Carolina.

– Ate all the comfort foods.

– Did a lot of shopping with my Mom.

– Spent a day in Asheville with Star. She asked me to be her bridesmaid. <3

– Went out to dinner at the Mellow Mushroom with my mom, sister, big George, & baby Georgie.


Books I’ve read in 2014:

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
When You Reach Me
Carnet de Voyage
Packing for Mars
Dress Your Family in Corduroy
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
Speaker for the Dead

Shows I’ve watched in 2014:

Sons of Anarchy
My Mad Fat Diary
Princess Jellyfish
House of Cards
Warehouse 13
Black Butler
Doctor Who

Movies & things longer than a TV show I’ve watched:

Guilt Trip
The Muppet Movie
Silver Lining Playbook
American Ham: Nick Offerman
Guardians of the Galaxy
The One I Love
Email Order Bride
John Waters: This Filthy World

Top 5 tracks of 2014

Future Islands – Balance
Typhoon – Artificial Light
Spoon – Got Nuffin
Washed Out – Feel it All Around
Why? – Strawberries



November Recap

1 Dec

November was kind of a dull month for me, not going to lie. Full of self doubt and internal struggles.

– Missed more school than I actually went, more than likely.

– Gave a speech for my communications class on Veganism.

– Did not sleep a lot.

– Got my Mage to level 100 in the new WoW expansion.

– Met Mary in real life for the first time.

– Celebrated five years in Baltimore – had dinner at Heavy Seas Alehouse.

– Got my new phone in the mail.

– Finally got a petticoat from Modcloth.

– Cooked an awesome Thanksgiving dinner for James & I.

– Reading Assassination Vacation.

– Went to Mary’s mail social here in Baltimore.

30 before 31

13 Nov

216 - 30 before 31

I made this list right after my birthday in July and never got around to posting it. I got a bit of inspiration from Erica’s birthday post. Its never too late!

Have I made any progress? Maybe.

For those who can’t read my handwriting, here is what I listed:

1. Learn to dye my own hair (I’ve attempted this!)

2. Blog more, at least once a week. (I’m blogging more than usual, I would say, but I don’t know if its once a week.)

3. Keep riding my bike. 100 miles. (With school starting and it getting darker early, this has not been happening).

4.  Lose at least 20 more pounds. No gaining! (Too afraid to look at the scale to check my progress.)

5.  Use my real camera more often. (Nope, this has not happened.)

6.  Go on a real vacation. Somewhere new.

7.  Stay in school. (I’m trying.)

8.  Acquire a part-time job.

9.  Make at least 2 new real life friends.

10. Walk Oscar more, he needs it.

11.  Paint, draw, & doodle. Create. (This is happening more often.)

12. Explore my city. (Not as much as I would like.)

13.  Read at least five books. (DONE!)

14. Journal. (I’ve been doing this more frequently than normal.)

15. Go to NYC at least twice.

16. Minimize my crap.

17. Learn to make macarons (I’ve tried once, but was not successful.)

18. Go to 1 concert, at least.

19. Go to a bar alone, twice a month.

20. Don’t be a chicken.

21. Learn to be ok with doing things alone.

22. Paint downstairs.

23. Focus on the positive. (It is a struggle.)

24.  Make 2 new mixes. (I’ve made one!)

25.  Find more penpals (I’ve definitely done this.)

26. Volunteer at an animal shelter (I am in the process of doing this.)

27. Keep going to the Sunday farmer’s market (I’ve failed at this one.)

28. Learn a new hairstyle.

29. Try 10 new recipes.

30. Get a pet fish.