Sakura Matsuri

17 Apr

Last Saturday I headed down to DC along with a million other people for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

I first hit up the actual street festival. I always like to get there early so I can avoid the crowds that are at the parade. I can shop and browse without really being bothered. I tried to get some decent shots of stuff, but meh.


I thought she would be good for an action shot since she was jumping around and whatnot. I have no idea who this is either, by the way.

After making a few passes around the festival, it began to get crowded so I headed out towards the actual cherry blossom trees down by the Tidal Basin. Last year, it was hella crazy and this year was no different. Super. Crowded. I never made it to the basin, it was just way too crowded for my liking.


I avoided the metro and walked back to Union Station to catch a train back to Baltimore. While I waited, I ate this really amazing salad at Chop’t. OMG. I wish we had a Chop’t here in Baltimore. I. love. real. salad.

By the time I got back to Baltimore, I had walked over eight miles! I don’t know how I accomplished such task and lived to tell about it. Seriously.

Extended Break

17 Apr

My Spring Break was great. I really missed going about my day at my own pace and not feeling rushed. I did get a lot done over my break that I had on my to-do list. The only things I didn’t do, were go on a hike, study Japanese, go to the Mail Social, and exercise. I didn’t go on a hike or really exercise because I did over 20+ miles of walking during the week. That’s enough exercise for me and I think it counts as a hike — urban hiking, anyone?!

Things were so good that I got anxious about going back to school. I shut down. I only managed to drag myself to Japanese class this week. I failed at being a functioning human. I only have four more weeks left, so I’m going to stick it out and get it done… and then Summer!

Summer. Summer. Summer. Summer.

Week 14 in Photos

10 Apr

92 - Bug Collage

92 – Bug Collage

93 - Bike Rides

93 – Bike Rides

94 - Easter Cupcake

94 – Easter Cupcake

95 - Light Jazz

95 – Light Jazz

96 - Elmo.

96 – Elmo.

97 - Draw a Bird Day

97 – Draw a Bird Day

98 - Disappointing Daffodil

98 – Disappointing Daffodil

New York Recapped

9 Apr


The day was pretty fucking long. It was miserably cold & windy. It even rained a bit. I didn’t get a lot of photos, but I got a couple that I did like after I looked at them in Lightroom. So I have to figure something else out for my project.

– Woke up at 5:00am. Got on bus at 6:20am. Arrived 9:30am
– Discovered leftover money on metro card from last time.
– Browsed Pearl River Mart. Bought panda salt & pepper shakers, a panda key ring, & cute owl chopsticks.
– Went to Sunrise Mart. Bought green tea kit kats, strawberry kit kats, & green tea melty kiss.
– Went to Kinokuniya (Japanese bookstore). Spent the majority of my money on a kanji book, a fancy mechanical pencil, washi tape, & stickers from Shirokuma Cafe anime.
– Took a bunch of photos in Bryant Park & Times Square.
– Ate lunch at a shitty diner.
– Walked to bus stop. Waited an hour in the cold for my bus
– Boarded bus at 4:30. Arrived in Baltimore at 7:30.
– Got Chinese carry out.
– Showered. Went the fuck to sleep for 14 hours.

Enjoyed my trip even if it was long and cold. My phone told me I walked about 6 miles and 8 flight of stairs. I believe it. Plus I was carrying around my camera and everything I bought. I woke up super sore today. Worth it.

Week 13 in Photos

5 Apr

85 - Self Portrait Photoshoot

85 – Self Portrait Photoshoot


86 - Brownie Brittle
86 – Brownie Brittle


87 - Round Falls Fast

87 – Round Falls Fast Shutter


88 - Japanese Textbook Funnies

88 – Japanese Textbook Funnies


89 - Film

89 – Film


90 - Curtsy

90 – Curtsy


91 - Lucky Stars

91 – Lucky Stars


Pretty much obsessed with taking photos of myself this week because of my hair. I always feel like so good & confident with freshly done hair. So, I’m not going to apologize for all the self portrait spam.


New Hair – Steel Blue & Emerald

3 Apr

FINALLY, I got my butt to the salon. Visited my favorite hair stylist, Kasey, out in Westminster. We had much catching up to do since it had been six months since my last visit.


Pretty much my new profile picture everywhere.

In the car. Always in the car.

It is so strange seeing myself with such dark hair. It has been a very long time since it has been this dark (late 2012?). Though.. I love it. I like it a lot. I had debated for weeks between blue & green… but I ended up with a little bit of both because why not?


Spring Break Goals

2 Apr


Spring break starts today and there’s quite a bit I want to get done (including a lot of sleep!) over the next 10 days.

Yay! Me time!

March Recap

1 Apr


March was pretty dull for me. Not a whole lot going on, mainly because I didn’t have my car for almost the entire month.

– I went to the mail social in DC and learned about wax seals.
– Gave Oscar a haircut.
– James’ Birthday.
– Got my car repaired.
– Got my hair done.
– Stopped wearing most of my Winter gear.
– Caught up on a bunch of mail.
– My Spotify account was stolen, which I still don’t understand.
– Read the stupidest thing about shadows.
– Rode my bike for the first time in months.
– Started watching the cutest anime that makes me extremely happy to watch.

Outside the AVAM

31 Mar


The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) is one of my favorite places and museums in Baltimore. Its my sort of fun & quirky. Last week I was working on a point of view project and required were both a reflection and shadow shot. I knew the outside of the AVAM would be perfect for reflection since almost the entire outside is covered in mirrors in a mosaic style.


Can you see me there?! I really enjoy the giant mirrored egg. Its almost like a mirrored honeycomb or a fly’s eye.


Bottle caps, tiles, & mirrors.

Round Falls

30 Mar


This weekend I found my way to the Round Falls which are located smack dab in the middle of Baltimore city. I’ve known about this off the beaten path locale for sometime, but yet have never made it out there. The Round Falls is a man-made waterfall located off of the Jones Falls Trail. There is a steep, unkempt set of stairs which may as well be non-existent to get down to the falls. Once you go down the hill you reach a small overlook deck with benches that’s covered in graffiti.

My first impression of the falls? Is that it? I imagined it to be much bigger for some reason from what I’ve seen from photos. Its still worth a visit and I’m glad I finally went to check it out.

I’m doing a shutter speed project for my photography class, so I figured a waterfall would be a good subject to try. Out of all the shots I took, I only got two that were worth a hoot. It was way too sunny for my liking. Too much light reflecting off water.

I need to find something else for my project. People in action is what I really need, but I just feel so awkward and rude for taking photos of strangers. I’d much rather take pictures of inanimate objects, landscapes, or animals.