August 2015 Recap

1 Sep

August was kinda butts for me, but that was how I essentially felt all summer. I didn’t really leave the house much, but I did on occasion.

– Finally made it to the farmer’s market – got some fresh veggies and tried a Blacksauce Kitchen for the first time.

– I made a really amazing fresh tomato sauce for pasta. It blew me away with flavor. I wanted to cry because it was so good.

– Watermelon obsessed.


– Attended a Yelp event in Towson at this newly built, fancy apartment building. I hung out in a hammock for the majority of the time while I was there.

– Took Oscar to the vet finally for shots and to check on a lump on his back which thankfully turned out to not be cancer.

– Tried Ravage Deli for the first time.

– Painting more. Even if its just swirly abstract stuff.

– I got super sick with a stomach bug. It had me out of commission for a few days.

– Tried poutine for the first time. I enjoyed it.

– Went to IKEA twice, got two new raskog carts.

– Got new hair: back to boring brown for now.


– Went to the art store and got supplies for school.

– Lots of video chatting.


– Made milkshakes with cotton candy grapes.

Week 34 in Photos

30 Aug

232 - New Hair

232 – New Hair

233 - Trip to IKEA

233 – Trip to IKEA

234 - Terrible Lunch

234 – Terrible Lunch

235 - Post Storm

235 – Post Storm

236 - Late Night Birthday Card Discovery

236 – Late Night Birthday Card Discovery (Thanks, Erica! Sorry I just now opened your letter!)

237 - National Dog Day

237 – National Dog Day

238 - Art Cart

238 – Art Cart


28 Aug


Feeling – Excited & happy that school is starting in two days!

ListeningOperator Please – Back and Forth

Reading – Sadly, nothing. I’ve failed at reading books so hard, but I just charged my Kindle so hopefully I will be reading something soon. Any suggestions?

Working on – Getting my office area clean and organized. It is currently a giant mess.

Thinking about  How good it feels to create more art, even if its not very good.

Craving – Salad. Greens. Vegetables.

Looking forward to – Japanese class, going to the beach, and going to Asheville for a wedding.

Making me happy – Smiley Google hangout times.

Week 33 in Photos

27 Aug

225 - SO Delicious

225 – SO Delicious

226 - New Undies

226 – New Undies

227 - Poutine

227 – Poutine

228 - Tacky

228 – Tacky

229 - Wiggles

229 – Wiggles

230 - Last Day of Blue

230 – Last Day of Blue

231 - Ch-ch-changes

231 – Ch-ch-changes

Week 32 in Photos

26 Aug

218 - Belated Birthday Present

218 – Belated Birthday Present

219 - Seasonal Side Salad

219 – Seasonal Side Salad

220 - Waiting at Wegmans

220 – Waiting at Wegmans

221 - Sick as Balls

221 – Sicks as Balls

222 - Swirly Paint Times

222 – Swirly Paint Times

223 - Waiting to get Inside

223- Waiting to get Inside

224 - Hubert's

224 – Hubert’s


21 Aug

Why can’t all days be like this? I woke up excited to tackle some errands. It felt good to go and pick up a prescription and get my student identification. That’s all I did, but I feel accomplished. I wish every day were like this. I don’t know what I can do to do for every day to be full of good feelings.

Happy weekend, everyone.

How I Start My Day

20 Aug

– 2 ounces cold brewed Zeke’s Sumatra Mandheling.
– 4 ounces unsweetened vanilla soy milk + 4 ounces unsweetened vanilla almond coconut milk.
– 2 tablespoons homemade vanilla bean syrup OR 2 tablespoons Nesquik chocolate syrup.
– 3 ice cubes.

+ Pour equal amounts of milk into frother. Add Nesquik syrup if using. Press start.
+ Pour 2 ounces of cold brew into a mason jar.
+ Add in 2 tablespoons of vanilla bean syrup (if not using the Nesquik).
+ Pour in milk.
+ Add in 3 ice cubes.
+ Stir.
+ Drink & look at the internet for an hour or so.


18 Aug

This summer has been pretty rough for me. At the end of the Spring semester I had all of these great ideas of things I wanted to accomplish over the summer. I felt like I could take on anything. I started out pretty good, full steam, into summer, but as time progressed, I just found myself falling deeper and deeper into a depression. Too anxious to go anywhere or do anything. My sleep schedule got wonky as hell – sleeping all day and staying up all night. I tried correcting my schedule multiple times, but nothing ever seemed to help. I pretty much neglected everything that I like and I’m anxiously waiting for school to start in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping once I am back in school and into a routine, I will feel slightly better. Though, I am sure I will be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about school related things once things get rolling, but I think I’d rather experience those sort of feelings than just sitting around stewing in my own thoughts everyday.

How did I manage all those years without something to do? I don’t know if I ever felt this bad on a regular basis back then, but maybe I did? There’s a constant pressure inside my head that just won’t go away.

I’m disappointed in myself because I wasted my summer. I didn’t go for bike rides, I didn’t keep up with my food blog that I was so excited about, I didn’t cook, or clean. I literally did nothing productive. Its absolutely embarrassing. I did go on a couple of road trips, but that was when I was before I started to feel like shit.

Where’s the fast forward button?

Music Monday: Craig Finn – Newmyer’s Roof

17 Aug

I haven’t done a Music Monday in awhile. I absolutely cannot get this song out of my head, along with some of Craig’s other new stuff. Its been on repeat for a couple of months now. I first heard this song a couple of months ago when I saw Craig in Cleveland at the Grog Shop. It was good stuff and the story that goes along with this song is probably why I like it so much. I’m really excited for this record to be released, which is something I haven’t said in awhile.

Cherry Coke.

14 Aug

Life is hard sometimes (a lot of times). Tonight is one of those times for me. It started out as an okay day, but transpired into a shitty night. So, I’m just going to sit here and listen to Explosions in the Sky and cry into my spiked cherry coke. Its all I can do right now, but really its all I want to do right this second, if I am being honest. Bleh, I don’t know. Life.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the art store, so I have that to look forward to.