November Recap

1 Dec

November was kind of a dull month for me, not going to lie. Full of self doubt and internal struggles.

– Missed more school than I actually went, more than likely.

– Gave a speech for my communications class on Veganism.

– Did not sleep a lot.

– Got my Mage to level 100 in the new WoW expansion.

– Met Mary in real life for the first time.

– Celebrated five years in Baltimore – had dinner at Heavy Seas Alehouse.

– Got my new phone in the mail.

– Finally got a petticoat from Modcloth.

– Cooked an awesome Thanksgiving dinner for James & I.

– Reading Assassination Vacation.

– Went to Mary’s mail social here in Baltimore.

30 before 31

13 Nov

216 - 30 before 31

I made this list right after my birthday in July and never got around to posting it. I got a bit of inspiration from Erica’s birthday post. Its never too late!

Have I made any progress? Maybe.

For those who can’t read my handwriting, here is what I listed:

1. Learn to dye my own hair (I’ve attempted this!)

2. Blog more, at least once a week. (I’m blogging more than usual, I would say, but I don’t know if its once a week.)

3. Keep riding my bike. 100 miles. (With school starting and it getting darker early, this has not been happening).

4.  Lose at least 20 more pounds. No gaining! (Too afraid to look at the scale to check my progress.)

5.  Use my real camera more often. (Nope, this has not happened.)

6.  Go on a real vacation. Somewhere new.

7.  Stay in school. (I’m trying.)

8.  Acquire a part-time job.

9.  Make at least 2 new real life friends.

10. Walk Oscar more, he needs it.

11.  Paint, draw, & doodle. Create. (This is happening more often.)

12. Explore my city. (Not as much as I would like.)

13.  Read at least five books. (DONE!)

14. Journal. (I’ve been doing this more frequently than normal.)

15. Go to NYC at least twice.

16. Minimize my crap.

17. Learn to make macarons (I’ve tried once, but was not successful.)

18. Go to 1 concert, at least.

19. Go to a bar alone, twice a month.

20. Don’t be a chicken.

21. Learn to be ok with doing things alone.

22. Paint downstairs.

23. Focus on the positive. (It is a struggle.)

24.  Make 2 new mixes. (I’ve made one!)

25.  Find more penpals (I’ve definitely done this.)

26. Volunteer at an animal shelter (I am in the process of doing this.)

27. Keep going to the Sunday farmer’s market (I’ve failed at this one.)

28. Learn a new hairstyle.

29. Try 10 new recipes.

30. Get a pet fish.


8 Nov

I  just want to feel like I belong somewhere. Anywhere. I feel like I’m on a tiny island by myself in the middle of the ocean. It is so hard to stay positive when things are shit. blah blah blah self fulfilling prophecy bullshit blah blah blah.

5 years

7 Nov

Today, November 7th, marks FIVE years here in Baltimore – minus the 6 months I lived in Portland, which I am not counting.

I moved here on a whim from Michigan. It was a Saturday afternoon when I decided to pick up and move right then. Packed up my car, left a note, said goodbye to a friend, and left. That simple.

Here are some of the first pictures I took here in Baltimore in 2009.
Out the window

View looking out the window of the apartment.

Rainy Day

Rainy day, but I decided to venture out on my own anyway. I’m pretty sure I went to Target or Chipotle.. maybe both.

Sad Apple

I will never forget this sad looking apple that sat outside the apartment building for weeks in this puddle.

Photo 382

Me & James at my parents’ house for our first Thanksgiving together.

Random Baltimore

5 Nov

I hung out with my friend Mary (& her friend Charlotte) for the first time the other day and it was super. We had lunch and then we poked around in Fells Point doing a couple guerilla art installations (I think that’s what she calls them), and then we drove randomly around Baltimore. It was a good day.. I just wish I would’ve taken my actual camera with me, but next time.



Sketchy Old Town Mall is sketchy, but awesome.



Some sweet street art we found and pulled over so we could get a closer look.

October recap – 2014

1 Nov


October came and went with a blink of an eye. Seriously.

– Sent and received a lot of mail.

– Dyed my hair back to red.

– Lots and lots of school work.

– Went to the volunteer orientation at the Baltimore Humane Society.

– Failed at baking cookies, but I eventually figured out the problem after 3 failed attempts.

– Went to Atomic Book Club for the first time and enjoyed myself.

– Went to two Yelp events one at the Horseshoe Casino and one on a pirate ship.

– Read a few books: Packing for Mars, Carnet de Voyage, & When You Reach Me.

– My iPhone died after three years.


Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

For some reason, I am real pumped about Halloween.. I think its because its my first year actually doing something other than sitting at home. I’m not really dressing up, but I wish I were.. Next year!
photo 1.JPG

288 - Spooky Cookie


Are you dressing up this year? Do you have any fun Halloween traditions?

RIP iPhone 4s

30 Oct


My phone bit the dust almost 7 days ago. Its been rough, but kind of a relief not having a phone all at the same time. I hate the idea of driving around without a phone because my car isn’t so reliable these days, but the break from social media is appreciated.

I’ve ordered a new phone, which isn’t expected to arrive for another few weeks, but hopefully sooner than that.

We had a good three years together. I took almost 3000 pictures on that thing. That’s about 1000 pictures a year. Crazy. It pretty much replaced my DSLR, which is sad, maybe? Since I am without a phone and don’t want to lug my DSLR everywhere, I am pausing my 365. I lost a month’s worth of photos because I suck at uploading them. So, I will resume again on January 1st, 2015.

Thanks iPhone for not ever shattering to pieces despite the amount of times I dropped you. <3

New hair, again

29 Oct

So.. I was kinda sick of my hair and then I had a job interview lined up at a place I really wanted to work at (didn’t work out, by the way, because I apparently fucked the times up), so I went and got my hair done a somewhat normal color.  I’m back to being a red head after getting rid of it in May. This time, I chose not to go fire engine red, since I wanted to look somewhat normal for my potential employer.

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw myself in the mirror for the first time at the salon, I almost cried because I hated it so much. It was almost too normal. Not what I’ve been used to for the almost three years that I’ve been dying my hair every color of the rainbow.

Eventually, as always, it grew on me and I really like it. Its permanent dye, so this one will last a good while. Though, I’m sure my roots will grow out faster than it can fade because that’s what always happens.



Holy shit, I wandered outside to take a photo of myself. Tripod and all. I hate doing this so much but the light in my house is pretty awful.

Weird cravings

8 Oct

No.. not pregnant! Gosh no. Ugh. I just get weird cravings. Pretty much all the time for as long as I can remember.

Recently I’ve been craving pineapples & banana peppers. Odd, I know. However really good together. Then it struck me — I should put that on a pizza! I ordered  a banana pepper, pineapple, canadian bacon pizza from papa john’s, but they forgot the freakin’ banana peppers. Lame. It was still good, though.

Then this past week, I picked up flat breads along with pineapple & pepperoni. Already had banana peppers. ;) Made a pizza. Delicious. Would’ve been better with canadian bacon, so will keep that in mind for next week.



Do you get any weird cravings? Or like an odd combination?