So much to say

5 Apr

but can’t manage to put the words in a proper order to make sense of it all.



Back in the groove

4 Apr

I am a little belated on writing this.. because of reasons! I feel the need to document my trip to NYC, so here goes.

As always, I take the Megabus to NYC from Baltimore because its cheap and mostly reliable. I’ve only had it break down once on one of my trips to New York! So, I will continue to use Megabus until further notice!

I woke up at butt crack of dawn to get to the bus stop. I had James drive me there and drop me off this time and I think I prefer this method instead of driving myself and leaving my parked car in a lot all day.

I had this whole ordeal planned out (like I always do) on what I was going to do during the day, but I changed my mind on what I wanted to do in transit. Luckily, I know my way around the city pretty well and it wasn’t an issue.

My first stop, the Moleskine store in SoHo. They had a whole bunch of lovely notebooks, but I ended up getting one of their Minnie Mouse editions.

Second stop, Kate Spade. My main reason for wanting to go to NYC is because I was in search of a more fancier adult-like wallet. I knew I wanted a Kate Spade one and so that is what I ended up getting. It was nice to be able to see & touch them in person before purchasing (I was originally going to buy one online).

I stopped at Pearl River Mart, next, but only ended up getting some panda stickers because I was just kinda meh with what they had unlike my last visit to this amazing store.

Before leaving SoHo, I made it a point to go into Sephora. I purchased a OCC liptar in the color ,Pretty Boy, after trying on a bunch in store.

I headed over to where DavidsTea used to be, but apparently they had moved locations. I ended up skipping this and didn’t bother going to the relocated store. When I got home, I ordered the tea I wanted online.

I got on the train and headed to Nintendo World. I was disappointed they didn’t have any Animal Crossing stuff, but they had other cute things. However, I sadly walked out empty handed.

I, then, went down to one of my favorite stores on the planet, Kinokuniya. They didn’t have a lot of stationary like they have had in the past or I am thinking I overlooked their supply. They still had a whole bunch of other cute stuff, as per usual. I ended up getting some washi tape, a panda stamp, and a Totoro plush.

I also visited Sanrio on the way to my favorite Starbucks with the hidden bathroom in Times Square. I didn’t get anything at Sanrio, though I was tempted.

I had some time to kill, so I ended up stopping at Heartland Brewery in Times Square for a beer and something to eat since clearly I had forgotten to do such thing all day. I enjoyed their IPA and this AMAZING tuna sandwich. That sandwich was perfection. Ugh. SO. GOOD.

After all that, I wanted dessert. Specifically, cheesecake. Junior’s was a few blocks further away than I wanted to really walk at that point in time. Stupidly, I chose to get cheesecake at the Cake Boss Cafe. I changed my mind while waiting in line to get Tiramisu, but they ended up being out of that, so I ended up getting the worst cheesecake on the planet. Bleh.

AND THEN… I waddled 12ish long blocks towards the bus stop. I managed to avoid the rain all day. It started raining as soon as I sat down on the bus. I got the good seat at the front on the second level of the bus, which is pretty rare to score AND I didn’t have to share my seat. So, it was a good back to Baltimore.

Here’s everything I came home with all strategically placed for a photo!~


Grocery Day

30 Mar

Grocery day (Sunday) is probably my favorite day of the week, not gonna lie. Ever since a conveniently located Wegmans opened up, that is. Before Wegmans, grocery day was pure hell. NOW ITS ACTUALLY FUN.

I cook a decent amount, not as much as I should, but this week, I’ve got six dinners planned instead of the four I normally do. I figured if I write it down and share it publicly, I would more than likely do what I say.

This weeks menu (this is mainly for my reference) -

Sunday. Breakfast Burritos.
Monday – Kung Poa Tofu with Jasmine rice.
Tuesday – Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes and asparagus.
Wednesday – Buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes and asparagus.
Thursday – Salmon filets with lemon and pea risotto.
Friday – Spaghetti with crockpot meatsauce.

Can I make it through all six days? The end results are always tasty, but I loathe doing dishes. It would be nice if we had a dishwasher, but we weren’t #blessed with that luxury. #firstworldproblems

Yea, I just totally hash tagged things in a blog post because I can do whatever I want.

What I Wear (on my face) Wednesday

5 Mar

From Left to Right:

Stila Smudge Pot
This is a gel liner. I used to use Mac’s fluidline, but I felt like it dried out way too fast. This stuff has been holding out since September and I like it a lot.

Benefit Bad gal waterproof
I’ve been using Bad Gal lash since 2005 and it is my jam. I switched to waterproof a couple of years ago and I never looked back. Best. Mascara. Ever.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner
Perversion is the blackest of blacks. I use this to line my lash line and go over my gel liner once I’ve got it on because I suck at just drawing lines with liquid liner. I will let it be known this stuff is tough to get off once its there. No shower is strong enough!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
I like to use this as a base for my eyeshadow, but on days where I don’t feel like wearing eyeshadow, I will put this stuff on just to brighten up my eyes. I love this stuff, and a little goes a long way. I’ve been using this same tube for a couple of years now.

And that is the basic goop I put on my face (Not that anyone cares, I’m mainly doing this out of pure boredom). When I’m feeling fancy I will put on eyeshadow and lipstick (My favorite lipsticks are by MAC and Illamasqua). I lied, in the summer when my face isn’t all dried up and flakey, I will put on Dr. Jart’s BB cream, but that’s only on those fancy days.

And that is what my face looks like with all that goop on there, plus some lipstick.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box – Spring

2 Mar

So, I cancelled Birchbox because it has been kinda crappy the last six months and just all around not worth it. I signed up for the Fortune Cookie Soap Box instead — it comes every three months and its 19.99. It comes out cheaper than the Birchbox and its all stuff that I know I will use.

It took forever to arrive thanks to the snow storm. USPS is lame at updating their tracking, so I was forever checking the mail to see if it had arrived. It took nine days for it to eventually arrive.

Now that I’ve pretty much tested everything in the box, I’m gonna blog about it.. because I can!

The labeling on this stuff is kinda shoddy, its obviously handmade, but I am more than ok with that. I just think they should have some waterproof labels of some sort.

The goods:

Native Nectar body wash. Fresh, cracked coconut. No machete required.

I really liked the scent. At first I didn’t because I don’t normally like coconut smells. My only complaint is that the body wash doesn’t lather that well. I had to use a lot more than I wanted. Ok, I have a second complaint, I felt like it left a residue on my body like when I use a cheap bar of soap kinda way.

Afternoon Delight OCD Pink watermelon dancing with fresh apricots, crowned in white florals.

This is a hand sanitizer and I really like this stuff! It smells pretty dang good. When you use it, you don’t get that strong scent of alcohol like you get with most hand sanitizers. I put this in my purse, replacing the bottle I’ve been carrying around.

Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter Lavender sprigs draped over sage and basil, livened with a splash of vodka, and a swirl of sweet marshmallow fluff.

Yes. GIVE ME MARSHMALLOW EVERYTHING. This. scent. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one that liked it because everything in this scent sold out before I could get around to purchasing anything. Sad panda. The product itself its pretty good. Its one of the better cuticle butters I’ve used.

Make it Rain Whipped Cream Grab your umbrella! Sparkling droplets of citrus & jasmine dripping with musk, clutched by bloated cedarwood boughs.

The whipped cream is divine. It’s so thick and makes my skin feel so hydrated. Its probably my favorite thing in the entire box. I definitely enjoy this rain smell, it is spot on, and really does smell like a rainy day.

Forbidden Fruit Fortune Cookie Soap Dusky verbena creeping over fresh blueberry skins and lemon zest.

I haven’t used this soap yet. Its almost too cute to use, but I really enjoy blueberry & lemons together. One of my favorite combinations.

Me So Thorny Steam Me Up Scotty Citrus, lavender, and french vanilla corrupted by a dark shadow of patchouli & sandalwood.

I was intrigued by this particular item and couldn’t wait to try it. However, I don’t take showers alone (Don’t judge, we’re saving water!) so I had to wait to use it. You put the little cube at the back of the shower out of direct water stream. As you shower, it dissolves and releases smelly good stuff into the shower. It worked pretty well and I think it I could’ve made mine last for more than one shower. However, I didn’t really like this particular smell, it was too perfume-y, if that makes any sense? It did work really well and it made the whole upstairs smell good for the rest of the day.

The Bloom Bloom Room Bath Fizzy A sinfully sweet combination of Jasmine, Lilac, and lily of the valley darkened with throbbing musical notes of fresh peach & citrus, all swirling around poles of decadent spun sugar.

My bath fizzy came kinda crumbled up, but whatever, it still worked. It definitely smelled liked peaches. There wasn’t much to write home about on this one. What I’m saying is, it was alright, but I won’t go out of my way to buy these, but if I were to get them in my box, I would use it and enjoy it.

Venus Fly Trap Perfume Oil Bergamot, narcaisse & musk lurk beneath delicate notes of water orchid, sparkling lemons, & pink jasmine.

This was the WORST thing in the box. It smelled just like lemon Pledge, in my opinion. I don’t really want to walk around smelling like a dust rag. NOPE.

I definitely used this already. I got a sugar scrub and a soap dish for my fortune cookie soap, so I can actually use it.

Overall, I really like the soap box and look forward to the next one in a few months. You get a decent amount of stuff, plus the ten dollar code to use in the store. Totally worth it and a lot better than the Birchbox where I was getting stuff that I would never use.

February recap

1 Mar

Not a whole lot happened in February. I spent most of the time sad, to be honest. No matter how hard I try to be happy, it just doesn’t work.

- Finally played Takenoko. Its a board game with a panda and its really cute and fun.

- Enjoyed the snow, but eventually got real tired of it.

- Ate a bunch of sub par Mexican food.

- Drank a whole lot of Strawberry milk. Consumed a shit-ton of other strawberry flavored things, including real strawberries. xD

- Got a decent amount of snail mail. <3

- Finally got my hair done, even though I felt so guilty about spending so much money on hair.

- Received a lava lamp, which is pretty much the best thing ever.

- Finally finished a book I started last year.

- Found an abandoned license plate.

- Booked my bus trip to NYC.

Music Monday – Why?

24 Feb

I’ve been obsessed with listening to Why? on Spotify. It all started with this song, Strawberries (because everyone knows that I am obsessed with strawberries). Either way, I’m excited about my new music discovery. :)


Random thought..

15 Feb

When I was driving cross-country, I was thinking about the states that I have NOT been to yet and I was trying to add them up in my head, but it was difficult while driving. I just now thought about it again and was able to look at a map for better reference.

There are 17 states that I have NOT been to yet and I want to cross them off my list within the next couple of years.

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

I wish I’ve collected shot glasses, postcards, or tiny spoons from the other states I’ve been to already, but alas I did not. I love traveling, I just wish I had a road trip/travel buddy. It gets boring/lonely sometimes driving thousands of miles alone with nobody to converse with.

First Smoothie of the Year

12 Feb

My life is pretty boring if I am writing about what I put into my smoothie today, but its a big deal to me, really. Before I left for Oregon in July, I used to make smoothies several times a week. I didn’t take my Vitamix with me to Oregon, so I started to really miss out on my smoothies. Now that I’m back in Baltimore and reunited with my Vitamix, I can make all the smoothies! I finally got smoothie making supplies this weekend at Wegmans. It felt good to make a healthy, tasty meal.

This week’s smoothies are going to include: banana, strawberry, & an apple (plus 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, a bit of almond milk, & ice).

Positive Thinking.

6 Feb

Things I like about being back in Baltimore so far –

- I don’t have to put on clothes to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

- Nobody drinks my beer other than me.

- I have a computer desk to sit at as opposed to sitting on the hard floor and using a Rubbermaid tote as a back rest.

- Reunited with my kitchen and all the tools and gadgets that go in it.

- I don’t have to worry about paying rent or being homeless.

I have a whole list in my head about the things I hate about being back, but I’m not even going to write those down and try to ignore thoseĀ  points. Just want to try and think only about the good things.