#5 Friday Favorites

24 Jun

Obviously, I would like the panda planter.

– This snickerdoodle cupcake recipe sounds delicious.


I stumbled upon this amazing artist, Noel Badges Pugh, on Tumblr. I find his work inspiring.

Another great artist I found, Kurt Pio. I love these diamonds. Something I wish I had thought of myself.

This vine:

May Recap

1 Jun

– Got my hair done.
– Rode my bike at least once a week around Lake Montebello.
– Still painting things.
– Finally went to the doctor for the first time in forever.
– It rained all of May, almost.
– No AC in the house right now, so spent the last few days of May melting into a puddle.
– Played some WoW – Got into the beta.
– On the last day of May, which was yesterday, I drove to Michigan.

That’s pretty much it. Not a very good month for me, at least regarding my health. But I seem to be doing better now.

April Recap

5 May

I had originally written this out a few days ago but something happened and it didn’t post. Didn’t even save a draft. It was lame.

– Obsessed with chicken wings. Could not stop eating them for whatever reason. I normally don’t like these.


– Drew a Bird for Draw a Bird Day. This year I chose the Kirtland Warbler.

– Bought a few records – Craig Finn, Andrew McMahon, Lana Del Rey, M83.

102 - Watercolor

– Got my first water color set.

– Acquired a bike rack for my car finally.

– Picked up some gouache paints and fell in love.

– Strawberries & Ricotta.

– Tried B Doughnut for the first time. It was ok. Nothing compares to a Hot N Ready Krispy Kreme.

– First Farmers Market visit of the year.

– Painted a bunch of stuff.

– Spent most nights awake and the days asleep.

1 May

This space is useless because I am afraid to say what I am really thinking/feeling. I can’t be me here or anywhere else on the internet. It is sad. ]:

Blue Jeans

23 Apr

23 Apr

I am made of goo.

February & March recaps

8 Apr

February –

Tried Nalley Fresh for the first time. Amazing Salads.
Had a nice dinner at Heavy Seas Ale House for Valentines Day.

50 - The Tiniest Cup That Lived

Tiny Sample Cups from WaWa.


Learned how to develop my own black and white film.

March –

Got a new camera bag that doubles as a purse from JoTotes.

83 - Fuck You, I Need 150 Colored Pencils

Became obsessed with colored pencils
Went to NYC for a day.
First Rita’s of the year – Cotton Candy & Vanilla Custard Gelati.
Visited my friends in Asheville, NC.
Had my first Irish Carbomb.
Adult Cheerwine.

84 - Failed Attempt at Darts

Discovered I am not very good at darts.
Went down to SC for four days to visit family and friend.


Tried two new breweries in Charlotte.
Tried a new restaurant in my hometown, The Pump House.
Had an amazing burger at a place called, The Cowfish. Sushi & Burger fusion? What??
Acquired a few new records.
Satisfied my craving for a Hot n’ Ready Krispy Kreme doughnut.

#4 Friday Favorites

26 Feb


These cool lamps. I pretty much want one of each, please.

Holy Cow! These birds & butterflies look so real, but they’re made of paper!

I’ve been drooling over this tool box. I think it would make the perfect pencil/art case instead of the one I carry now.


This week’s episode of Better Call Saul was one of my favorites.

Revisted the 90’s this week.. Groove in the Heart has been stuck in my head.

3/15 Contact Sheet

21 Feb

Week 3 of the semester is complete. Monday school was cancelled because of the snow. I was quite thankful for this. Wednesday & Friday I slept through my alarm and missed my English classes completely. Sucks, but I am sure I didn’t miss too much.

Thursday’s drawing class was ok, but man is it the longest 4.5 hours of my life. I had to draw hands for homework, I was quite pleased with how they turned out. It took foreverrrrr. Over two hours to draw four hands.

I am quickly learning that I really hate drawing. Ok I hate drawing stupid still life stuff and other things that I don’t really want to draw. Sadly, this class is a requirement. I’m glad the class is only once a week, makes it a little better when I think that I only have 12 more classes to attend. Just gotta power through it.

Saturday, I went to my b&w photography class, which doesn’t really seem like a class to me because its fun. We learned how to print stuff which was real cool. It took me 3 times before I got my contact sheet lined up right on the paper. I can’t wait to print out an actual photo next week. I would really like to set up my own darkroom in the basement one day. Film photography is so much more of an involved process. I feel like I am creating something rather than taking a million pictures and then uploading to my computer. I went out to collect more photos for my assignment after class and I really took my time and thought about the photo before I took the shot. I am pretty excited about this and can’t wait to see the results from yesterday’s outing.

Hope everyone had a solid weekend.

Friday Favorites

19 Feb

Some things I found on the internet this week that I liked..


This Momiji doll is adorable. I definitely need her for my collection.

This old SNL Sketch: Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger!

This video of Mini Kittens on Ginormous Paw.


Whatever. Sums up how I feel about everything, to be honest.


Obsessed. Animal Crossing Forever.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I’m looking forward to my black & white photography class tomorrow and hopefully catching a lot of Zzz’s on Sunday. ^_^