Week 20 in Photos

25 May


134 – Derby Dreams

135 - Art Store Trip

135 – Art Store Trip

136 - Friendly's

136 – Friendly’s


137 – Unspoken

138 - Sheets & A Dog

138 – Sheets & A Dog

139 - Do It UP

139 – Do It UP

140 - 'Maters

140 – ‘Maters

15 Day Drawing Challenge

23 May

In efforts to try and get into the habit of drawing daily, I thought I would try a 15 day drawing challenge.

1. a pattern
2. an animal
3. your favorite thing to wear
4. something you found on the ground outside
5. recipe instructions
6. a word
7. an insect
8. a cross section
9. an animal doing something only humans can do
10. something in a jar
11. a diagram
12. something you’re afraid of
13. a plant
14. your favorite food
15. something microscopic

My response to drawing a pattern:


Illustration Friday: Melt

22 May

I stumbled upon this earlier today and decided to give it a go, since I’ve been in an artsy mood lately. I know I’m not the best at drawing, but I can only get better if I practice. So, one of my goals for the summer is to draw something daily.


Black Eyed Susan Day

18 May

Friday I had the opportunity (Thanks to Yelp!) to go to Pimlico, which is a horse racing track, for Black Eyed Susan Day.  I was pretty ecstatic about going as I’ve never been to the horse track before and I’ve always wanted to go during Preakness. I wanted to get dressed up, wear a big hat, and pretend I was fancy for a day.. and that’s certainly what I got to do.



The day started off pretty rough, if we are going to be honest here. I left my house about 10am. I figured that was plenty of time to get where I needed to be since its not far from my house. WRONG. I get to Pimlico and drove around looking for parking. I saw $15 dollars and then the longer I drove around the track, the higher the price was for parking. The price went all the way up to $40. I was supposed to park in the $20 dollar lot, but I saved myself five dollars and parked a little further away. In retrospect, I should’ve parked in the $20 dollar lot.

I got parked and I kept asking people where a specific entrance was and/or where my group was located. None of them knew what “a Yelp” even was or where I could find the entrance to the Clubhouse TURN entrance. They kept sending me to the regular Clubhouse entrance. I ended up paying $10 dollars I didn’t have to pay to get into the Clubhouse entrance thinking my group was inside there and that’s where the way to the Skyboxes were. Wrong. I eventually was able to get a printed map and saw my error. $10 dollars wasted there. I got so frustrated and upset over the whole ordeal that I had to stop and have silent tears in a corner. I did not want to miss this event.

I found my way to where I was supposed to go and was so glad I saw a familiar face outside of the security tent. I got my VIP ticket and made my way to the Skybox. Oh man. This is where it gets good and the frustrations and anger from earlier faded away.

The suite was just a simple room, but it had a few tables, a TV, a betting machine, and A BARTENDER. There was a door that led to a covered balcony that was right on the track. It was the most perfect place to sit.


I got there in time for brunch and I started out with a bagel and cream cheese. The cream cheese was pre-scooped into these little balls which I found adorable and quite novel. I accompanied that bagel with an OJ & Vodka.. because I could. During that time, some people from Americas Best Racing (I think they are called Handicappers) gave us the scoop about horse racing and what not. I eventually made my way outside with another cocktail and pretty much stayed out there the entire day other than to go get lunch and more cocktails.

134 - Black Eyed Susan Day

Lunch. Yes. There was a great spread of crabcakes, ribs, cajun chicken, potato salad, green beans, asparagus, cesar salad, cornbread, and some other stuff I don’t remember. But I will say that potato salad was the best potato salad I’ve ever eaten. So. Good. All of the food was great, but that potato salad I will never forget. The Black Eyed Susan cocktails were pretty great, too. Potent, but great. I eventually had to cut myself off from those and switch to water.

Overall it was a pretty gosh darn good day. I am so glad I had the opportunity to go. Thanks, Yelp, for making my derby dreams come true.


Week 19 in Photos

17 May

127 - New Friends

127 – New Friends

128 - College Graduate

128 – College Graduate

129 - Back Home

129 – Back Home

130 - Drumstick Nights

130 – Drumstick Nights

131 - Wants Cuddles & Pets

131 – Wants Cuddles & Pets

132 - Pretty Packaging

132 – Pretty Packaging

133 - デートのビール

133 – デートのビール (Beer Date)

Week 18 in Photos

16 May

120 - Asshole Cat

120 – Asshole Cat (He was playing with my blinds’ cord, like a cat would do.)

121 - Paper Mache

121 – Paper Mache Mess

122 - Much Needed

122 – Much Needed

123 - Panda Land

123 – Panda Land

124 - Giant Oscar

124 – Giant Oscar

125 - Art at Chipotle

125 – Art at Chipotle (Close Up & Blurry)

126 - Early Rise

126 – Early Rise

Two Lips

4 May

A few photos from Sherwood Gardens. I’ve been wanting to check out the tulips for sometime now and I made it a point to do it this year. It was kinda underwhelming, but I’m glad I finally went to check it out. I thought there would be more tulips. There were a lot of flowers, but not as many as I had envisioned in my head.




Week 17 in Photos

2 May

113 - Crab & Corn Chowder

113 – Crab & Corn Chowder


114 – Tulilps


115 – North Avenue

116 - Bear Bodies

116 – Bear Bodies

117 - Photography Class Shenanigans

117 – Photography Class Shenanigans.

118 - Rediscovering Lucky Stars

118 – Rediscovering Lucky Stars

119 - Forever Hearts

119 – Forever Hearts

April Recap

1 May

April was kinda meh. I probably said the same thing about March.

– Missed a lot of school. Anxiety overload. Isn’t that always the case, though?
– Went to NYC.
– Went to DC once for Sakura Matsuri and again to meet up with a friend from Oregon.

Me and Katie.
Me & Katie.

– Took a lot of pictures for class.
– Drew a bird on ‘Draw a Bird Day‘.
– Went to see the Tulilps at Sherwood Gardens.
– Ate a banging gravy biscuit at the Sip & Bite.
– Did a whole lot of walking.
– Did a project on Okinawa, Japan.
– Many sad feelings about the happenings in Baltimore. Heartbroken.
– Made a collage for 2D.
– Cooked some non-boring things for the first time in awhile (Lemon & Pea Risotto, Red Beans & Rice, Homemade Tomato Soup)
– Got my first Natty Boh Tallboy cans of the year.
– Love/Hate relationship with my hair. It quickly went from blue to purple..One day I love it and the next I will hate it.
– Green Tea Kit Kats.

Week 16 in Photos

28 Apr

106 - FNL (Friday Night Legos)

106 – FNL (Friday Night Legos)

107 - Cliche shot I never get tired of taking.

107 – Cliche Shot


108 – Collaging & Kimmy Schmidt

109 - My hair is pretty much a rainbow now

109 – My hair is pretty much a rainbow now.

110 - 私

110 – 私


111 – Typical in-class POV

112 - *fart noise*

112 – *fart noise*