Childhood Summer Memories

3 Jul

Today’s post comes from the writing prompt from The Journal CEOList five memories of your childhood summers.

Carousel Horse
– Traveled a lot with my grandparents whether to Myrtle Beach or to the mountains. Sometimes I would go to the beach with my parents, as well.

– Spent a lot of time riding my bike up and down the street I lived on or out in the woods behind our house.

– My attempts at trying to catch lizards and frogs.

– Having a season pass to Carrowinds and spending the day in the waterpark playing while my mom laid out in the sun.

– Watching lots of Nickelodeon and the Disney channel while sipping Capri Suns and eating Lunchables. If I wasn’t watching TV, I was playing video games on my Nintendo, Game Boy, or Sega Genesis.


What are some of your childhood summer memories?

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  1. Erica July 3, 2014 at 11:55 PM #

    I am so happy I got to read this tonight. 😀
    Erica recently posted..Prompt: Write Some of Your Childhood Memories of Summer

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