2 Oct


Time just goes by and I’m just wasting away. I’m feeling completely hopeless and alone. At least its finally cooling down, yea? I can sleep with the window open (and probably catch a cold) and sleep comfortably. Snug as a bug. That’s something.

I’m struggling with my daily photo project. I’m running out of things to take photos of since I never leave the house. I left Saturday to go to the city to eat poke, but I’ve been there four times in the last five weeks. Maybe I’ll go to to a museum or something this coming weekend.

It doesn’t help that sleep is completely impossible right now. I’m slowly making my way to a reverse schedule (sleeping days; awake during nights). I hate it. If I can stay awake a little while longer today, I will go to the grocery store. I need stuff.

There are so many kinds of things I want to post, but I let the fear of what others are thinking stop me from posting whatever I want or simply just being me on the internet. Even though there’s probably only one or two people reading this. I kinda just want to delete all of this again. 🙁

/end ramble

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